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Mac Entourage Recovery Software

Is it possible to recover the mail from MAC OS?

Are you getting error message while trying to access the mail in MAC OS?

Is it possible to recover mail from deleted mail recovery software?

Microsoft Entourage is a personal organizer that is developed by Microsoft only for Mac Operating System. Microsoft launched this feature as a part of office suite. This feature will help you to track record and manage all your personal information. Entourage feature is used only if you are using MAC operating System 8.5 or higher versions. Entourage is mostly used as an e-mail application, but apart from email feature it provides several different facilities like: -

    >>> Calendar

    >>> Address Book

    >>> Task List

    >>> Project Manager

There is no any file extension for Microsoft Entourage. Inspite of these it uses backup file to store information and this backup file is called RGE files. In certain situation the backup file gets corrupted. Some of the most common reasons of corruption of .RGE files are: -

    >>> Due to wrong compaction of .RGE files

    >>> Due to power irregularities

    >>> Microsoft Entourage is not installed correctly

    >>> Unusual ending of Microsoft Entourage files

    >>> Corruption in hard drives

    >>> Attack by viruses and other vulnerable applications

    >>> Corruption in header file of RGE

The above mentioned reason will lead into data loss situation, and it will deprive you to access the Entourage account. If this situation really frustrates you then you can try following recovery methods:-

Repair RGE files using inbuilt database utility: Microsoft Entourage gives you a pre installed feature called database utility feature through which you can regain your corrupted data. This utility will help you to verify and then repair facility to repair Entourage database file in diverse scenarios.

This technique is effective only if header part of the RGE file is corrupted. But apart from this damage inbuilt database utility will not help you to recover the lost data. At this moment you have to rely on third party deleted mail recovery software to recover back your corrupted data. Mac Entourage recovery software will guarantee complete recovery of your all notes, email, tasks, appointments, journal etc.

Third Party Deleted Mail recovery software has several advance features, some of them are: -

    >>> Support recovery from Entourage 2004 as well as 2008

    >>> Perform read only operation so your source data remains safe

    >>> Repair the corrupted/lost emails, contacts from RGE file

    >>> Provide log report of all recovered items

    >>> Compatible with MAC different versions

If you are using the MAC operating System and your RGE file gets corrupted then you must download third party Mac Entourage recovery software to repair tainted database files.