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Recover Mac

Supports recovery from HFS+, HFSX volumes. Recover from
hard drives.


Media Edition

Recover corrupted and
deleted photo, audio
and video files. Also From professional DSLR


Pro Edition

Volume search option
to locate missing volume
from the hard drive. Best
User Interface


Mac Office Recovery Software

Are you looking for MAC office recovery software?

Is it possible to recover the lost office file?

Are you getting error message while accessing MAC office file?

MMicrosoft Office is most probably used by everyone. It does not matter which operating System you are using it can either be MAC or Windows Operating System. Both OS user can avail the features of office which is launched by Microsoft. Microsoft office is a package in which various things are available like word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook, access etc. Each and every application has its own format to store data. Microsoft word is used like a personal notebook you can write any thing that you like and save it. Like word Microsoft outlook is other very important program of this package.

It might be possible with you that whatever you created and saved using this package gets corrupted and prevent you to access all the saved information. This is a very devastating situation for you. Some more popular reasons of corruption in office file are: -

    >>> Due to failure of storage drive

    >>> Due to corruption in master directory structure.

    >>> Catalog file gets corrupted

    >>> User generated errors

    >>> Operating System not functioning properly

    >>> Due to attack by Trojan horses

    >>> Accidentally shutting down the system

Above mentioned reasons leads into corruption of your office files that is unavoidable for you. You can't afford this situation and no any conventional method is going to recover your data. In this situation you have to use third party corrupted Mac office recovery software to recover back your those data that are getting corrupted and moved to an unknown location of OS. These data will remain in your system until it is overwritten so this software will help you to fetch your essential data from that unknown location of OS and make it accessible to you within an hour. This recovery software will help you to recover data from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, NWFS etc.

Some of the features of the third party MAC office recovery software are: -

    >>> Provide support for KDC and CRW file format

    >>> Its searching feature is similar to Macintosh

    >>> It helps you to contain information about all lost information

    >>> It contains scan information of all corrupted files